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Last updated: 10.08.2016 // The Mission of Norway to the EU is headed by Ambassador Oda Helen Sletnes. Here is a list and contact information for all members of staff at the delegation.





Oda Helen Sletnes

Curriculum Vitae

Assistant: Karin Ekström

Ingrid Schulerud
Deputy Head of Mission and Ambassador to Belgium

Assistant: Martine de Laet

Cathrine Løchstøer
Minister Counsellor

Coordinator for the Mission’s follow-up on the EUs Common foreign, security and defence polities (CFSP/CDSP).

Assistant: Karin Ekström

Photo: Simon Johannsson

Knut Hermansen
Minister Counsellor

Coordinator for EEA cooperation and EU single market affairs.

Assistant: Karin Ekström

Communication and Press 


Wera Helstrøm
Counsellor, Communications and Press

Press contact.
Information. Visits


Simon Jóhannsson
Communications Officer

Communication. Public Affairs. Visits. Web



Line Haugland
Communications Officer

Communication. Public Affairs. Visits. Web

Research- and education

Are Straume 
Counsellor for Research

The EU’s Research Framework Programme, the European Reseach Area (ERA) and the COST cooperation


Ragnhild Skålid
Counsellor for Education

EU’s cooperation on education, including the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport (Erasmus+), and the directive on the recognition of professional qualifications

Defence and security 


Erik Breidlid
Counsellor for Security and Defence Policy

Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP),  EU – NATO cooperation, civil – military cooperation

Jon Gunnheim
Defence Counsellor

European Defence Agency (EDA), including cooperation on European military equipment and military research and technology, innovation related to military capacity, the European defence industry and the European Defence Equipment Market

Geir Furø
Military Advisor

European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP), including the European Defence Agency (EDA), military crisis management, the EU – NATO cooperation, civil – military cooperation

Health-, labour and social inclusion

Maren Ringstad Widme
Counsellor for Health and Food Safety

Health cooperation in the EU, patient mobility, health care personnel, e-health, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, public health – including health preparedness and the prevention against contagion, drugs, nourishment and food safety

Finn Ola Jølstad
Counsellor for Labour and Social Affairs

Employment policy, free movement of workers, working conditions, health and safety in the workplace, social policy and coordination of social security

Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Lars Erik Nordgaard
Counsellor for Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Industrial policy, the Internal Market,  maritime policy and transport, minerals strategy, space, TTIP, WTO, better regulation.


Nina Gørrissen
Counsellor for Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Competition, State Aid, Public Procurement, Consumer Policy, Company Law and Better Regulation.


Bjørn Tore Erdal
Counsellor for Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Fisheries policies, focusing on trade and market, and trade policy



Caroline Lunde Ellingsen
Counsellor for Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Fisheries policies, focusing on resource management

International relations

Eli Jonsvik 

The European Parliament


Turi Bakke
First Secretary

Coordinator for EEA cooperation. Sub Committee and the EEA Joint Committee. The EEA Council. EEA and Norway Grants. Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein. WTO

Tone Lang

Russia, High North / Arctic, Ukraine, Southern Caucasus, European Neighbourhood Policy East, OSCE/Council of Europe, EU-NATO, EU institutions, sanctions


Bård Vandvik

Brexit, Middle East incl MEPP and AHLC coordination, Iran, Syria, Irak, Asia (ASEM/COASI), Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Non-Proliferation (COARM), transatlantic dialogue EU/USA/Canada


Marko Soldic
First Secretary

Migration, Turkey, West Balkans, Southern Neighbourhood /COMEM, Libya, Civilian Crisis Management /CDSP, Africa /COAFR, EU Development Policy, Humanitarian issues, Human Rights, EU Declarations

Justice and home affairs

Torill Myhren
Counsellor for Justice

Migration issues, focusing on asylum, refugee and immigration policies, covering the Schengen and Dublin cooperations


Aksel Sørby
Counsellor for Justice

Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), focusing on civil protection, emergency planning and crisis management; Schengen-related matters such as  FRONTEX, SIS/SIRENE and SCHEVAL; sea operations, false documents and the EEA-agreement

Astrid Solhaug
Counsellor for Justice

Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), focusing on Schengen and other police related matters, privacy and internal security.

Josefine Aaser

Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), focusing on international cooperation

ICT and public administration

Trond Helge Bårdsen
Counsellor for ICT Policies and Government Administration

ICT, government administration and privacy rights

Agriculture and food safety

Kjetil Tysdal
Counsellor for Agriculture

The EUs Common Agricultural Policy, trade, rural development, forestry.

Gisken Thoen
Counsellor for the Food Chain and Food Safety.

Food safety and food quality, in addition to animal health and animal welfare in the course of the production chain

Environment- and energy

Jonas Landstad Fjeldheim
Counsellor for Environment

Environmental policies, particularly air quality, green financing, biodiversity, chemicals policy and circular economy


Stine Svarva
Counsellor for Environment

Environment policies, especially climate, air pollution, green economy


Gaute Erichsen
Counsellor for Energy

Energy policies and the energy market in the EU/EEA area

Adviser, Energy

Local and regional affairs


Eivind Lorentzen
Counsellor for Regional and Local Affairs

Regional and local matters and the EU’s regional policy. Covers topics such as regional state aid and the Northern Dimension, in addition to the Schengen cooperation

Transport and communication

Camilla Ongre
Counsellor for Transport and Communications

Postal Services, Telecommunication, Civil Aviation, Road Transport, Rail Transport, Coastal Affairs


 Øyvind Rinbø
Advisor, Transport and Communications

Economy and finance

Bjarne Stakkestad
Counsellor for Finance

Macro economy and economic policies, statistics, financial services and EU budget.


Lone Semmingsen 
Counsellor for Finance

Taxes, excise duties and customs. EU budget.


Astrid Nærum
Head of Administration

 Assistant: Karin Ekström

Kristin Dybhavn
Head of Archives

Kristian Wiberg
Administrative Officer, Archives

Karin Ekström
Assistant to Ambassador Sletnes

Assistant to the Ambassador, the Deputy Head of Mission, the Minister Counsellor, the Head of Administration and the Head of Communications

Maria Deridder Holmlund

Assistant to the counsellors for international relations, research, education, energy, environment, finance, transport, industry, competition and public administration

Ragnfrid Merete Lie

Assistant to the counsellors for justice, defence and the coordinator for EEA.

Anette Ljungmann

Ian Hills

Administrative Officer, ICT

Alexandra Brånå

Michel Jonet
Administrative Officer

Purchasing, customs and housing

Pia Ladefoged
Visits Assistant

Johan Pierre

Ricardo Cuyob





Sara Svanemyr





Sigrid Grøm Bakken

Royal Norwegian Embassy, Belgium

Norway’s EU-Mission also houses the Norwegian Embassy in Belgium.


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