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The New Approach and it’s impact on EFTA Countries.

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Odd Eriksen, will adress the New Approach Conference in Brussels on 31 November.

25/11/2005 :: 2005 marks twenty years since the introduction of a groundbreaking regulatory technique for the European Union: the New Approach to technical harmonisation and standards. On 30 November, the European Commission is organising a conference celebrating the anniversary.

The conference “New Approach : A case of Better Regulation at the service of European Competitiveness” will bring together representatives of the European Council and European Parliament, as well as entrepreneurs and public authorities. The main objective is to take stock of the accumulated experience in the application of the legislation and its impact on the European economic operators, and to draw up the pointers for the way ahead in the near future.

Odd Eriksen, Minister of Trade and Industry in the Norwegian Government, will adress the conference on the subject The New Approach and it’s impact on the EFTA Countries.


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Odd Eriksen, Minister for Trade and Industry, will discuss the New Approach and it’s impact on the EFTA Countries on 30 November.Photo: Minsitry of Trade and Industry.

The New Approach celebrates it’s 20th anniversary.Photo: European Commission.