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Norway climbs on EEA ranking

Norway has managed to decrease its transposition deficit of internal marked rules to 0,8%. That lifts Norway to a number 4 ranking among the 28 EEA States.

22/02/2006 :: The result is showing a positive trend reducing the deficit from 1,2%  in the first half of 2005 when Norway was ranked 6th. These figures were presented in The EFTA Surveillance Authority’s (ESA) 17th Internal Market Scoreboard for February 2006. The scoreboard reports on how well the EFTA States transposed and implemented Internal Market rules and principles into national legislation in the second half of 2005. The Report is issued in parallel with the European Commission’s Internal Market Scoreboard, which provides similar information for the EU Member States.
The two other EFTA/EEA countries, Iceland and Lichtenstein, both show a negative development increasing the transposition deficit to 1,9% and 2,1% respectively. This means that both countries fail to meet the interim target of 1,5%. Island has dropped from an 8th ranking in the first half of 2005 to a current 23rd out of the 28 EEA States. Lichtenstein drops from a number 16th position to number 24th.
Over the last eight years, however, the overall transposition deficit has been reduced by 71%, which is about the average reduction of the EU-15. On the whole, when Norway is included, the EFTA States meet the interim target with an average deficit of 1,4% of the legal transposition.
Regarding the Financial Services Action Plan Norway has a deficit of 17%. The figures are comparatively 11% for Iceland and 33% for Lichtenstein.
The number of infringement proceedings by the EFTA Surveilience Authority remains stable. There are currently 50 cases against Norway. Altogether for the EFTA/EEA countries there are 116 open cases.
For further reading see the link to the whole report.

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