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Managing Nuclear Stockpiles in the 21st Century

At a seminar organised by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and the Radiation Protection Authority in Oslo, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kim Traavik said that he Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is being severely tested against the backdrop of a radically altered security landscape.

22/03/2005 :: As the European Union, Norway considers the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to be a growing threat to international peace and security. It is therefore gratifying that nuclear safety has become an integral part of the broad international efforts to counter the new security threats.

The emergence of a nuclear black market, the determined efforts by additional countries such as North Korea and Iran, to aquire the technology to produce the fissile materials needed to manufacture nuclear weapons and the well-documented efforts of terrorists to acquire nuclear, radiological and other weapons of mass destruction are issues of great concern for the Norwegian government.

Mr. Traavik said that the upcoming NPT Review Conference will be exceptionally important in order to shore up the the non-proliferation regime. A succesful outcome of the Review Conference will depend upon the ability to address equally, equitably, and in a balanced manner, both nuclear disarmament or on nuclear non-proliferation.

The Deputy Minister also suggested that multilateral treaties should be supplemented by less formalized non-proliferation initiatives and partnerships, such as the G8 Global Partnership against Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction. Norway was the first non-G8 country to join the Partnership. The Kola Peninsula, just across the Norwegian border with Russia in the North, has the world’s largest concentration of nuclear installations, as well as vast amounts of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. Norway is committed to continuing the comprehensive cooperation with Russia in this area.





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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kim Traavik.