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Norway’s Minster of Defence to meet EU Troika

The Norwegian Minister of Defence, Anne-Grethe Strøm-Erichsen, will visit Brussels on 15 May 2006 in connection with the formal Council meeting among the EU Ministers of Defence.

12/05/2006 :: 24 of the EU Ministers of Defence will meet as the European Defence Agency’s Steering Board the same day.

Mrs. Strøm-Erichsen will in the afternoon attend the Troika+5 meeting in which Norway takes part together with Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia and Turkey, in order to be informed about the results from these two EU meetings.

The Minister of Defence will attend a separate meeting in the morning with party colleagues in the group of European Socialists. After that meeting, from 09:30 to 10:30, she will meet the press at the Norwegian Mission to the EU.

Later the same day, an MoU between the four participating countries in the Nordic Battle Group and the UK will be signed. The signing takes place at 15:00 hrs in the Justus Lipsius Building (Salle Europa, Level 01). There is a photo opportunity, but no presse conference.

(Published 08.05.06, edited 12.05.06)

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Family photo from the Informal Council Meeting of Defence, March 2006.Photo: Austrian Presidency