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Norwegian CORDIS web page

CORDIS – the EU portal for research and innovation – has established a separate webpage for Norway. This is the first time a non-Member State has been included in the CORDIS national Service.

13/12/2005 :: CORDIS is an information space devoted to European research and development (R&D) and innovation activities. The main aims of CORDIS are to facilitate participation in European research and innovation activities, to improve exploitation of research results with an emphasis on sectors crucial to Europe’s competitiveness, and to promote the diffusion of knowledge fostering the innovation performance of enterprises and the societal acceptance of new technology.

The Associated Country website will give an overview of research in Norway, offering easy access to details of EU-supported research and related activities in Norway. The website also aims to support interaction between the European Union and Norway in the fields of research and technological development. The CORDIS Associated Country Service for Norway is maintained by the Research Council of Norway.

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