Policy Areas

Policy areas

Although not a Member State of the European Union, Norway has established and maintained a very close co-operation with, and a good relationship to, the EU in almost every possible policy area.

Through agreements such as the EEA-Agreement and the Schengen-Agreement, this co-operation is formalised and institutionalised within areas related to the internal market and parts of the area of freedom, security and justice. There is also a very close, and for some parts formalised, co-operation between Norway and the EU within the fields of both foreign and security policy.

It is, although, also important to underline that Norway’s relationship with the EU goes much further than just the management of those formal agreements, and that EU and Norway interact in almost every possible field of policy and society.

This section focuses on the general relationship between Norway and the EU in a number of such policy areas, and regardless of whether these areas are covered by the EEA-Agreement or other formalised agreements. Norway and the EU relates to each other in many different ways, and Norway takes part in a whole range of EU related activities on a voluntarily basis. At the same time, Norway contributes significantly to the EU budget through the Norwegian and the EEA Financial Mechanism, which is set up to help develop the 10 new Member States.  

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Norwegian Foreign Affairs Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and EU HRSG Javier Solana after their meeting 22 November 2005.Photo: Council of the European Union.