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Norway’s cooperation with the EU on the fight against terrorism

Norway has previously aligned itself with the EU’s list of persons, organisations and entities set out in the Common Position on the application of specific measures to combat terrorism. This list is revised by the EU at regular intervals.

Oslo, 4 January 2005: Following an overall assessment, the government has decided that Norway will no longer align itself with any other list than that published by the UN. The reason for this decision is that a continued alignment with the EU list could cause difficulties for Norway in its role as neutral facilitator in certain peace processes. Norway’s role could become difficult if one of the parties involved was included on the EU list, and the opportunities for contact were thus restricted.

The EU list is based on the Common Position that was adopted for the first time in December 2001 in connection with implementing UN Security Council resolution 1373, which specifically calls for measures to combat the financing of terrorism. The Common Position has since been revised several times, and new persons and groups have been added to the list. As Norway is not a member of the EU, it does not take part in the internal assessments that lead to revisions of the EU list. The most recent revision was made on 21 December 2005.

– Norway is making an important contribution to international peace and security through its involvement in peace processes. These efforts have won the recognition of the international community, including the EU and the US, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre pointed out. – The government wants to intensify these efforts and we must therefore avoid a situation that makes it more difficult for us to have contact with any of the parties to a conflict.

– The international legal obligations that form the basis for Norway’s efforts to combat international terrorism will remain the same. There should be no doubt that Norway clearly condemns all forms of terrorism. The decision does not imply any other change in our cooperation with the EU on measures against terrorism. There is a high degree of agreement and solidarity between Norway and the EU countries. We are engaged in the fight against international terrorism together with the EU, underlined Mr Støre.

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