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Norway to join the eContentplus Programme

Norway and the other EEA EFTA states join the EU eContentplus Programme for the period 2005-2008.

09/11/2005 :: Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway decided in the EEA Joint Committee in September to join the eContentplus Programme. This was done in order to keep up with the latest developments in Europe with regard to digital material. The EEA EFTA countries will contribute 4.3 million Euros for its participation in the programme. eContentplus has a total budget of 163 million Euros over a period of four years.

The objective of the eContentplus is to provide broader access and use of digital content by facilitating the creation and diffusion of information and knowledge through better usability and accessibility.  Specific areas where development of digital content is lagging behind, such as education and science, are the target group for the programme.

Each programme has a national contact point, where questions and applications for funding can be directed. The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry recently appointed Scandpower Information Technology Oslo As National Contact Point (NCP) in Norway.

The EEA EFTA states have already participated in the former programmes on easy access to digital content and are already contributing actively to the exchange of best practice within the Community.



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