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Information Society

The EEA Agreement does not open up for participation in the policymaking on the Information Society. However, Norway implements EU directives regarding the framework for electronic signatures and certain legal aspects of electronic commerce.

The eEurope initiative, with its yearly action plans, gives high priority to the increased use of e-commerce. The development of e-commerce is being hampered, among other things, by the lack of confidence in consumer markets and by distortion of competition, for example regarding TVA. Efforts are being made in the EU to overcome these problems. The Commission Communication on “Network and Information Society: Proposal for a European Policy Approach” will form the basis for continued work on security in electronic networks.

Norway has given input to the benchmarking study under eEurope that is used for comparing EU Member States regarding development and use of information technology.

Norway also participants in Information Society programmes such as eContent, PROMISE and Promoting Safer Use of the Internet.

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