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The UN Summit – Norwegian Positions

The September 2005 Summit at the UN General Assembly represents an important opportunity to review progress in implementation of the Millennium Declaration and in addressing global issues. The aims of the Declaration can be achieved, but only if we, the member states, are willing to adopt a package of specific, concrete decisions this year.

10/08/2005 :: This fall it will be five years since world leaders adopted the Millennium Declaration at the United Nations. The declaration provides guidance for our common work with global challenges such as poverty, environment, security, disarmament and human rights. The UN summit from 14 to 16 September will take stock of what has been achieved thus far and make plans for the continued work.

To enable the United Nations to contribute effectively in implementing this agenda, the Summit will also address concrete proposals regarding the organisation’s structure and working methods. As the EU, Norway strongly supports effective multilateralism and the process of reform of the United Nations. Norway therefore participates actively in the Summit preparations. The Norwegian positions aim to achieve a comprehensive and result-oriented outcome.

For an overview of the official Norwegian positions see link to the right.



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