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EU and Norway to share information on arms exports

The European Union and Norway have agreed on practical arrangements for sharing information on refusals to grant licences to export military equipment. The agreement is based on the fact that Norway aligned itself with the EU Code of Conduct on Arms Exports already in June 1998.

Norway is committed to applying the operative provisions of the Code, as well as its eight criteria, to export licence applications on a case by case basis. The developments and activities within the EU in the area of export controls and non-proliferation are closely observed, and Norway has a long-standing policy of implementing the same high standards as those of the EU in this area. Norway also respects embargoes on arms sales imposed by the EU. A reciprocal exchange of information of export licences denied for equipment covered by the EU Common Military List will help both sides to take more informed decisions on export licence applications and promote a further convergence of standards.

The arrangement were agreed at an ad hoc meeting of the troika of the Working Party on Conventional Arms Exports with Norway in Brussels on 18 November 2004 and endorsed by COARM at its meeting on 3 December. It provides Norway with twice-yearly aggregate lists of denials issued by EU Member States, not specifying the issuing State. On the basis of these lists Norway may request through the EU Presidency/Council Secretariat consultations with the issuing Member State in respect of the denials. Each Member State will respond in accordance with its national legislation. Norway’s willingness to supply the Member States with information on denials issued by the Norwegian Government is welcomed by the EU.



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