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The new government in Iraq

Norway has aligned with the EU declaration on the formation of the government in Iraq, published in Vienna and in Brussels on 22 May 2006.

31/05/2006 :: The declaration reads as follows: “The European Union warmly welcomes the formation of an Iraqi government of national unity following the elections of 15 December 2005. This completes the political transition process in Iraq, as foreseen in United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1546 and 1637.

The European Union firmly believes that the formation of this government of national unity and a swift subsequent confirmation of the ministers of interior and defence will contribute significantly to the political and economic reconstruction of Iraq in a spirit of reconciliation by promoting inclusiveness and anti-sectarian policies. This will represent another important step towards national consensus and will contribute to the stabilisation of the country and its further integration into the international community.

The European Union conveys to the newly formed government its best wishes for success in view of the challenges ahead. The European Union reaffirms its commitment to assist in building an independent, secure, stable, unified, democratic and prosperous Iraq.”

The Acceding Countries Bulgaria and Romania, the Candidate Countries Turkey, Croatia* and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia*, the Countries of the Stabilisation and Association Process and potential candidates Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and the EFTA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, members of the European Economic Area, as well as Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova align themselves with this declaration.
* Croatia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia continue to be part of the Stabilisation and Association Process.

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