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Legal proceedings against Mr. Iskandarov in Tajikistan

Norway has aligned with the EU declaration on the case of the prisoner Mr Mahmadruzi Iskandarov, leader of the opposition Democratic Party of Tajikistan, signed in Brussels and Vienna on 22 March.

29/03/2006 :: The declaration reads as follows: “The EU has closely followed the legal proceedings against Mr Mahmadruzi Iskandarov, leader of the opposition Democratic Party of Tajikistan, since his arrest in Moscow in December 2004. The EU has taken note of his conviction and sentence to 23 years in prison on multiple charges by Tajikistan’s Supreme Court on 5 October 2005, and the rejection of his appeal by the Collegium on Criminal Cases on 18 January 2006. The EU is particularly concerned about the circumstances of Mr Iskandarov’s transfer to and arrest in Tajikistan in April 2005, which remain unclear, and about the treatment Mr Iskandarov received during his pre-trial detention.

Concerns were also raised by Mr Iskandarov’s defence team about some aspects of the court proceedings themselves, and about the fact that the recent appeal procedure was not open to the press. The EU wishes to receive further information on these matters. The EU asks the Tajik authorities to ensure regular access of Mr Iskandarov’s family and lawyers in accordance with Tajik law.

The unclear circumstances of Mr Iskandarov’s arrest and some aspects of his detention and trial send a mixed message about democratic reform and the respect of Human Rights in Tajikistan with respect to its OSCE and other
international commitments.

The EU will continue to closely follow the situation. The EU encourages the
government of Tajikistan to respect Human Rights and fundamental freedoms and
strengthen the rule of law and the process of democratic reforms. The EU urges
Tajikistan to increase its efforts in such crucial sectors and stands ready to
support the country in these endeavours.”

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