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Denmark takes the salmon issue to the Council

The Danish government decided yesterday to bring the newly imposed EU safeguard measures against the import of farmed salmon from countries like Norway and Chile before the Council of Ministers. The European Commission decided on 4 February to impose such measures in order to protect EU producers, coming mainly from Ireland and the UK.

25/02/2005 :: In a press release the Danish Minister of Economic and Business Affairs, Bendt Bendtsen, states that he is deeply concerned that the Commission again is trying to implement measures aimed at protecting a small number of inefficient salmon producers which will harm a substantial number of EU enterprises as well as the consumers and the global free trade. He adds that European consumers and enterprises in the end will have to pay the bill for protecting a very small number of producers from competition.

Following the Danish request, the General Affairs and External Relations Council (GAERC) will decided upon the continuation of the safeguard measures imposed by the Commission.

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Photo: Norwegian Seafood Export Council/Alf Börjesson