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The Nordic Recipe for Global Success

Finn Bergensen jr., the Director General of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, presented along with his Danish and Finnish colleagues the Nordic winning strategy in dealing with globalisation at an European Policy Centre (EPC) conference in Brussels last week.

19/10/2005 :: The five Nordic Confederations of Business and Industries have worked together to give an overview of the major challenges for the Nordic countries and present a common recipe for global success. The result is the report The Nordic Recipe for Global Success.

“We better all learn a bit more Nordic”, were the opening statement of the conference. The success of the Nordic model has added a new dimension to the old debate between the Anglo-Saxon and the Continental social and economic models.

Director General of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Finn Bergesen jr., pointed out the fact that the Norwegian prosperity is a result of an active approach to globalisation. – Norway is strong in areas such as sea food, petrol industry, hydro electric power and maritime industry. This is much due to the high standard of technology we have developed and put to use within these areas, Finn Bergensen jr. said. He also stressed the importance of an open economy and high productivity.

Mr. Bergesen outlined Norway’s notable economic achievements, including the fact that despite having the equivalent of only 1.5% of the US population, it accounted for 15% of America’s import market. – Areas that Norway have to adress to further develop include the need to eliminate borders, less government, a lighter tax load, improved infrastructure and a strengthened workforce, Mr. Bergesen said.

The report defines the challenges that arises with the increasing international competition and request that companies must exploit new market opportunities in order to survive in the global market. The authors ascertaines that until now the Nordic countries have managed to meet these challenges and take advantage of the global opportunities. Though they are small, the Nordic countries play an increasing role in the international division of labour. – For Norway globalisation is the road to success, Mr. Bergesen jr. concluded.

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Director General of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Finn Bergesen jr.Photo: NHO- Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise.