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The World Bank has concluded in a recent report that Norway is the easiest country in Europe to do business in.

04/10/2005 :: The results are due to a small bureaucracy, effective legislation and less of rule of the red tape. An extensive use of data technology in the public sector, and plain and streamlined-shaped rules are also the main reasons for the good achievement.

155 countries are represented in the survey on climate of the economic life for medium-sized businesses. Norway ranks on fifth place on the scoreboard. The report shows that only five countries have a better business climate than Norway. These countries are New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Canada. All the top countries regulate businesses, but they do so in less costly and burdensome ways. The Nordic countries, all of which are on the top 30 list, do not regulate too little. Instead, the report shows that they have simple regulations that allow businesses to be productive and focus intervention where it counts – protecting property rights and providing social services.

The report, Doing Business in 2006, measures how easy it is to start, run and close a medium-sized business. The Doing Business project is based on the effort of more than 3,500 local experts- business consultants, lawyers, accountants, government officials, and leading academics around the world. 33 companies and institutions in Norway have been a part of the survey.

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