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Minister of Petroleum and Energy Thorhild Widvey had talks in Brussels

Minister of Petroleum and Energy Thorhild Widvey was meeting Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs on Monday 17 January in Brussels.

19/01/2005 :: The Minister was pleased that it was possible to resume the good contact with the Commissioner for Energy at an early stage after the new Commission was appointed. She expressed that the main aim for her in this informal meeting, was to prepare for the continuation of the established Energy Dialogue between Norway and the E.U, and to present the Norwegian Energy Sector to the Commissioner.

The Minister expressed her satisfaction with the fact that Norwegian government has been able to re-establish political contacts with the Energy Commissioner so rapidly after Mr. Piebalgs was appointment as a member of the new Barroso Commission.

Widvey also stated that she felt familiar with the set of priorities that has been announced by the Mr. Piebalgs. These priorities focus, among other things, on establishing a better connection between energy, research and the environment, the function of the internal market in the energy sector, security of energy supply, promotion of renewable energy and actions to reduce the demand for energy.

The Minister was also meeting the Chairman of the Committee for Industry, Research and Energy in the European Parliament, Giles Chichester. The Minister emphasized the importance of a good relation with this institution.

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Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Thorild WidveyPhoto: Svein Erik Dahl/OED