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European – Norwegian Student exchange.


The Commission’s proposal for a new educational programme on lifelong learning is open to Norwegians through the EEA agreement. Among the objectives for the programme is the ambition to reach 3 million Erasmus students by 2011.

On Wednesday 14 July, the European Commission adopted ambitious proposals for the new generation of  programmes in the education, youth, culture and audiovisual fields. These will succeed the current programmes for the period 2007-2013 and will be a step towards achieving the Lisbon objective, i.e. making Europe the most competitive knowledge-based economy by 2010. The goal is to get the proposal approved by the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament before the end of 2005. The programmes will run from 2007 to 2013.


The objectives of the programme is to foster interchange, cooperation and mobility between education and training systems within the Community.

In addition the Commission has set targets for participation:

      • 1 in 20 school pupils involved in Comenius actions 2007 – 2013
      • 3 million Erasmus students by 2011
      • 150000 Leonardo placements by 2013
      • 25000 Grundtvig mobilities by 2013.

These targets represents an encrease on the budgetary envelope on about 300-400%. The proposed indicative financial amount is set at € 13.620 billion for the 7 years of the programme.

The programme builds on the current educational programmes, but is simplified and parted into four different sectoral programmes.

  • Comenius, for school children up to and including upper secondary level.
  • Erasmus, for education and advanced training activities at higher education level.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci, for vocational training and education
  • Grundtvig, for adult education.

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