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Global partnerships for development – Progress Report by Norway


The Norwegian Minister of International Development Hilde F. Johnson has presented the Norwegian Progress Report on Millennium Development Goal No 8 – to develop global partnerships for development. Norway joins Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden in publishing such a report. The EU has a similar report underway.

In her speech to the UN in New York 29 October, Mrs. Johnson said that the fight against poverty only can be won when the world community unites and all pull in the same direction. Poverty cannot be ended – MDGs cannot be reached – unless one can count on the maximum efforts of all countries. There is a need for a global reform agenda and for reforms in international framework conditions. “If the developed world do not allow easier access to markets and reduce the debt burden of the poorest countries, we will fail“, she stated. The Minister also stressed the need for more and better aid, improvement of the way one work and donor reform. Still, one will not succeed in reducing poverty if the developing countries themselves fail, she said: “If we are dealing with a completely corrupt government, if national policies only benefit the few, if government institutions don’t work, there is not much we can do. Therefore we also need to reform governance

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