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Norway hosts meeting on health personnel in Africa

On 24 February the Minister of International Development Hilde F. Johnson opened an international meeting in Oslo on the health personnel crisis in Africa. “The lack of health personnel in poor countries is a serious threat to the UN Millennium Development Goals and the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic,” said the Minister

04/03/2005 :: Approximately 100 participants from international organisations, representatives of the authorities of African countries and experts on health and HIV/AIDS gathered for the two-day meeting, which was arranged by NORAD and the Foreign Ministry.

UN goal to halve extreme poverty by 2015
The aim is to arrive at concrete action plans for dealing with the health personnel crisis in the most severely affected countries in Africa. Improving public health is a key means of achieving the UN goal of halving the proportion of people living in extreme poverty by 2015.

The challenge of lack of health personnel in Africa
“Substantial economic resources have now been mobilised in the fight against AIDS and other diseases that severely affect Africa. But the acute lack of health personnel poses an enormous challenge. The global lack of and demand for educated health personnel has resulted in an inequitable distribution of human resources. We have to do something about this,” said the Minister.


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To improve health conditions is part of the Millenium Development GoalsPhoto: UN