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Commissioner Fischer Boel gives Schuman lecture in Oslo

On 13 May Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mariann Fischer Boel, held a Schuman lecture at the University of Oslo on the topic: “EU Agricultural Reform in a Global Context”.

15/05/2005 :: The Schuman lecture is an annual event organised by the Centre for European law and ARENA at the University of Oslo in collaboration with the Delegation of the European Commission to Norway and Iceland.

The lecture was organised in connection to Europe day on 9 May and the “Schuman declaration” of 1950 which was a pioneering step towards the creation of the European Union.

During her visit to Oslo the Commissioner also met the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Mr. Lars Sponheim and Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jan Petersen to discuss the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the current WTO negotiations.

Commissioner Fischer Boel further met with representatives of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Business and Industry and the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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Commissioner Fischer Boel will also meet with Norwegian representatives on agriculture and foreign affairs, in connection to her lecture at the University of Oslo on 13 May.Photo: EU Commission, 2005.