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ESA inspection of Norwegian animal welfare

This week a mission from the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) is inspecting the Norwegian system of supervision of animal welfare during transportation, stunning and slaughter. The aim is to secure Norwegian compliance with EEA regulations.

25/04/2006 :: The main task of the mission is to evaluate the national animal welfare system, in particular the measures put in place by Norwegian Authorities to implement the rules in the EEA Agreement, and also to follow up some aspects of ESA’s animal welfare mission of 2003. The mission will furthermore gather information on animal welfare at stunning and killing of fish, ratites and fur animals.

The ESA mission is accompanied by an observer from the Commission’s Food and Veterinary Office and a representative of the Norwegian central Competent Authority. They will visit slaughter-houses for cattle, pigs and poultry in three different regions of the country. The inspection finishes on 28 April.

(Published 25.04.06)

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