New counsellors

Part of the staff at the Norwegian Mission to the EU will be changing the next couple of weeks, as some have left and new people are arriving. Two of the first to enter their offices, were Carsten Horn-Hanssen and Bjarne Stakkestad.

17/08/2006 :: Carsten Horn-Hanssen is the new counsellor on Transport and Communications. His duties will be to follow and to report on the development on this field in the European Union.

Horn-Hanssen is 36 years old. He came from the position as deputy director in the International Cooperation Section of the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.

Bjarne Stakkestad has also served at the Mission in the period 2002-2005, and will mainly be dealing with economic policy matters, financial services and budget.  

He came from the Ministry of Finance, where he was head of the International Economics Section in the Economic Policy Department. His duties included among others the coordination of EU and EEA matters in the Ministry.

(August 11, updated August 17)

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Carsten Horn-HanssenPhoto: Marianne Neraal