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Seminar: The Arctic as the New Knowledge Frontier

Last updated: 17.06.2015 // On 15 June, the Mission of Norway to the EU in cooperation with the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian Space Centre and the North Norway European Office is organized the seminar “The Arctic as the New Knowledge Frontier – Key Needs in Research and Space Related Technologies”.

The aim of the seminar was to highlight what is new on the horizon in terms of emerging key needs and opportunities in research, innovation and space related technologies, to explore the possibilities for cooperation and synergies and to consider how knowledge can contribute to the development of adequate policies.

The Council of the European Union and the European Parliament have asked the European Commission and the High Representative to present a proposal in 2015 for the further development of a coherent and integrated EU Arctic policy.

Research, innovation and space technologies clearly have important contributions to make in facing challenges and realizing opportunities in the Arctic. In order to ensure a sustainable development in the Arctic, the necessary knowledge base and technology will have to be in place and at the right time in order to adopt appropriate policies.

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Interventions during the seminar:

Keynote speech by Mr Vidar Helgesen, Minister of EEA and EU Affairs 

Presentation given by Mr Fridtjof Unander, Executive Director, the Research Council of Norway        

Presentation given by Mr Niels Andersen, Director, Centre for Polar Activities, Technical University of Denmark

Presentation by Ms Kathrine Angell-Hansen, Director, JPI Oceans

Presentation given by Mr Torbjørn Eltoft, Head of Department, Institute of physics and technology, University of Tromsø

Presentation given by Mr Terje Wahl, Deputy Director General, Space and Earth Sciences, Norwegian Space Centre

Presentation given by Ms Tanja Zegers, Policy Officer, the European Commission, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

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