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Record year for Norwegian seafood export

Last updated: 01/02/2011 // 37 million meals of Norwegian seafood was served every day last year – most of them in the EU. Statistics from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council show that the value of seafood export from Norway increased by nine billion kroner, approximately 1.1 billion Euros, in 2010.

– The export statistics from 2010 confirms that the EU continues to be the most important market for Norwegian seafood export, says Rune Dragset, Counsellor for Fisheries at the Norwegian Mission to the EU.

According to the Norwegian Seafood Export Council, the value of Norwegian seafood export reached a record high 53.8 billion Norwegian kroner (approximately 6.8 billion Euros) last year, and EU is by far the largest market for Norwegian seafood export. 58 percent of the total seafood export in 2010 went to the EU, and the total value of the seafood export to EU increased with 4.6 billion kroner. The total export to the EU zone is now 31 billion kroner.

Salmon driving force behind growth
-Norwegian seafood export has experienced an incredible growth in 2010. In particular, the demand for salmon and trout has been high, increasing by 7.4 billion kroner, says Terje E. Martiniussen, Managing Director of the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

Salmon is yet again the most important reason for the total growth in export, and Norway has never before produced more salmon and trout than in 2010. The global increase in demand for salmon has together with high prices resulted in a record-high value of salmon production, reaching about 31.5 billion kroner last year. This is an increase of 29 percent. The growth of value in salmon export to the EU alone was 24 percent, or 4 billion kroner.

– EU has been the most important market for salmon with a total import of more than 700,000 tons. France, Poland and Denmark are the most important salmon markets within the EU. France is the biggest market for consumption, while the export to Denmark and Poland to a high degree goes to processing, explains Fisheries Counsellor Dragset.

Expects continued growth in the EU
The seafood export value to France is 5.3 billion kroner, of which salmon amount to more than 80 percent. Measured by value, France is the largest market for Norwegian seafood export globally, followed by Russia and Poland.

In addition to France, ten other EU countries imports Norwegian seafood at a value of more than one billion kroner. It is expected that the EU market will continue to grow in 2011, partly due to consumer trends focusing on lifestyle and healthy food.

– Seafood is trendy. The consumer demands healthy seafood products of excellent quality. That is something Norway as a seafood nation is able to offer. I will not be surprised if we experience further growth both in the EU and globally, Dragset concludes.

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