Proposed tightening of rules on asylum in Norway

Last updated: 16.11.2015 // In response to the large number of asylum seekers entering the country, the Norwegian Government has proposed legislative amendments that among other things will enable the swift return of certain asylum seekers.

‘We are proposing an amendment that will make it possible to set a shorter deadline for leaving Norway, or to request that the person concerned leave Norway immediately. This will make it possible to return asylum seekers more swiftly,’ said Mr Anundsen. 

The proposed legislation also contains provisions making it possible  
to arrest and remand in custody foreign nationals in cases where it is most likely that their asylum applications will not be processed, or to impose on them a duty to report to the authorities and to stay in a specific place. 

‘The proposed legislative amendments will give the immigration authorities extended opportunity to refuse to process an asylum application if the asylum seeker concerned has already resided in a safe third country,’ said Minister of Justice and Public Security, Mr Anundsen. Norway considers Russia to be a safe country.

Large numbers of asylum seekers have recently entered Norway in the north at the Storskog border crossing station. The Norwegian Government has proposed that the Ministry of Justice and Public Security  should be able to give general instructions to the Immigration Appeals Board, and that the police should be given greater powers to detain asylum seekers in cases where it is likely that they will be returned to a safe third country.

See full press release from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice

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