Minister Elisabeth Aspaker with EU Commissioner Corina Crețu. Photo: Mission of Norway.Minister Elisabeth Aspaker with EU Commissioner Corina Crețu. Photo: Mission of Norway

Priorities for EEA and Norway Grants discussed with EU Commissioners

Last updated: 17.06.2016 // The Norwegian Minister of EEA and EU Affairs, Elisabeth Aspaker, met with the European Commission to discuss the priorities for the new period of the EEA and Norway Grants.

Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will contribute 2.8 billion euros to social and economic cohesion in Europe in the period 2014-2021 through the EEA and Norway Grants. Norway’s share of the contribution is 97.7 per cent.

The Grants will finance projects in 15 of the EU member states. They are allocated to sectors that are crucial for the social and economic development in the beneficiary countries. This is the third program period of the EEA and Norway Grants. In the new period, the five areas identified for funding both supplement and complement the areas supported through the EU Cohesion fund.

Meetings with the EU

The priorities for the EEA and Norway Grants were the topic of Minister Aspaker’s meetings in Brussels with EU Commissioners Crețu and Jourová.

The Commissioner of Regional Policy, Corina Crețu, highlighted her good experience with the EEA and Norway Grants, and said that there is broad agreement around the priorities of the Grants. The two also found the time to discuss EU’s new policy on the Arctic, Norway’s priorities for its presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2017, as well as the EU’s cohesion policy and EU’s urban policy.

Aspaker also met with Commissioner of Justice, Consumer and Gender Equality, Věra Jourová. She was interested in the work that is being done in the justice and home affairs sector, which is one of the five prioritized areas for the Grants. She also wanted to look more into how the EEA and Norway Grants can be used in her areas of responsibility.

Minister Elisabeth Aspaker with EU Commissioner Věra Jourová.

Annual report

Read more about the results achieved in the past year with funding from the EEA and Norway Grants in the annual report for 2015-2016. This year’s annual report places a special focus on the achievements reached within two thematic areas – asylum and migration, and research and scholarship.

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