Prime Minister praises inspiring, far-sighted Nobel award

Photo: US Congress

10/9/2009 // “The award of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama is both inspiring and far-sighted. It is an important award because it may serve as an added stimulus in efforts to achieve the President’s visions,” says Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

“President Obama has created a new international climate of cooperation, where the emphasis is on dialogue and multilateral collaboration. He has extended a hand of friendship in order to resolve conflicts through peaceful means, “ says the Prime Minister.

“Through his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons, he has given new impetus to disarmament and arms control efforts.

The President’s climate initiative has restored our belief that by acting together, we can deal with the serious threat posed by climate change.

Norway greatly values President Obama’s focus on the UN and other international organisations in global peace and development efforts,” says Stoltenberg.


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