Photo: ArbeiderpartietThe norwegian government. Photo: Arbeiderpartiet

The political platform of the Norwegian government

23/12/2009 // In the political platform of the Norwegian Government from 2009-2013 it is stated that the main lines of Norwegian foreign policy are firmly fixed. These include strong support for UN and international law, Norway´s membership in NATO, the EEA Agreement and the fact that Norway is not a member of EU.

In the parliamentary elections 14 September 2009, the Labour Party, the Socialist Left Party and the Centre Party got a renewed mandate from the voters with continued majority in the parliament. On 7th October the Government presented its political platform for the period from 2009 to 2013.

On Norwegian cooperation with the European Union the documents states that the Government shall:

· conduct an active Europe policy and work purposefully to safeguard Norwegian interests where EU is concerned

· appoint a public research-based committee with a broad range of experts that shall carry out a thorough and extensive review of the EEA Agreement and the consequences of this agreement for all areas of Norwegian society

· build further on the Schengen cooperation

· not apply for Norwegian EU membership

See the whole document here.

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