Photo: Marte Borhaug, EU-delegasjonen

Norwegian Foreign Minister open Norway Now festival

23/11/2010 // I am proud to say that this is the most extensive Norwegian cultural programme ever organised in Brussels or Belgium. With these words Jonas Gahr Støre, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway, opened the cultural festival Norway Now in Brussels on November 22.

So, why are we organising a programme like this? There are at least four good reasons.

Firstly, because politics can learn a lot from the arts. About creativity, communication, patience and teamwork. Culture inspires politics. And, vice versa, politics and geography inspire cultural performers. That is why culture is an aspect of public diplomacy, and therefore part of modern foreign policy.

Secondly, because cultural events serve as some of the best meeting places there are. People can find common ground when listening to a piece of music, when admiring a work of art, or when meeting authors and writers.

Read the rest of the Foreign Ministers opening speech at the website of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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