Ambassador of Norway to the EU Atle Leikvoll. Photo: Mission of Norway to the EU

Norway’s views on European Energy Security

Last updated: 14.07.2014 // As a major exporter of natural gas and oil to Europe, and as part of the internal energy market under the EEA Agreement, Norway supports the goal of enhanced energy security in Europe and understands the desire to strengthen policies in this area, writes Ambassador Atle Leikvoll in DG Energy’s monthly newsletter.

The Commission recently presented its European Energy Security Strategy. We are pleased to see the strategy places strong emphasis on infrastructure development and the importance of continued efforts to make European energy markets as efficient as possible. Indeed, a well-functioning, integrated energy market is the single most important factor for ensuring security of supply in Europe. It is vital that energy policy and instruments are transparent and well-targeted, so as to avoid unanticipated effects or distortion in the energy market.

Infrastructure development is vital for the electricity sector. Cross-border trade in electricity benefits all countries involved. It enables efficient use of resources and better utilisation of energy systems, increases the security of supply, and allows for greater integration of renewable energy.

A well-developed gas infrastructure, effective price signals and a diversity of supply sources are important to ensure that gas is transported to where it is most needed, depending on the balance of supply and demand at any given time. Clear signals from both the market and relevant policymakers on the role of natural gas in the future energy mix, as well as a clear and coherent regulatory framework, are crucial to ensure the necessary future investments in the upstream gas sector. Today, Norway supplies about 110 BCM of gas annually to Europe – more than one fifth of EU’s consumption, and we will be a significant supplier for many years to come. Towards 2020, gas production in Norway could increase up to 130 BCM.

Norway is, and will continue to be, a stable and reliable energy partner for the EU.

Atle Leikvoll is the Ambassador of Norway to the EU. He appears in the Guest Corner of the June issue of the monthly newsletter  issued by European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy 

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