Photo: Trine J. Eskedal

Norway opened a hydropower plant in Uganda

10/16/2009 // The Norwegian Minister of the Environment and International Development, Erik Solheim, has opened the first Norwegian hydropower plant in Africa, financed by the private sector.

The hydropower plant is located in Kasese, in the western part of Uganda, and will increase Ugandas joint power production by seven percent. It is built with the use of modern Norwegian technology and knowhow.  

– This is the first time in history that Norwegian investors build a hydropower plant in Africa. Cooperation between the public and private sector is crucial for development in poor countries. In Africa there is a huge need for environmental friendly and renewable sources of energy. I am hoping for more of these kinds of investments, says Erik Solheim, the Norwegian Minister.

The powerplant is the result of a good partnership between the Norwegian power company TrønderEnergi and the govermental investment fund Norfund.  


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