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Norway and Iceland – have signed a civil aviation agreement with the EU and USA

Last updated: 22/06/2011 // “I am pleased that we have now landed an agreement on civil aviation that has as its objective the harmonisation of regulations on both sides of the Atlantic. This will ensure safer Trans-Atlantic air travel,” says Norway’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa.

The EU, USA, Iceland and Norway have signed an agreement on Iceland’s and Norway’s adoption of the Civil Aviation Agreement between the USA and EU.

Iceland and Norway, both of whom are fully integrated in the European civil aviation market through the EEA agreement, will now be on an equal footing with the EU member states in civil aviation co-operation with the USA.

“This will ensure that Norwegian airline companies will have the same competitive terms as the EU countries in dealings with the USA”, says Minister of Transport & Communications Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa.

Read the press release from the Ministry of Transport and Communications here.

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