Photo: Rannveig Jevne, Mission of Norway to the EU

Norway and EU signed agreement on Galileo

07/10/2010 // On the 22nd of September, Norway and the EU signed a bilateral agreement on the satellite navigation programme Galileo. The agreement provides a shared framework for cooperation, and facilitates Norwegian involvement in all parts of Galileo.

Galileo is a common European satellite navigation system which will work together with the American GPS system. The Galileo programme ensures an independent satellite navigation system for Europe, and is expected to enhance accuracy and operational dependability for satellite navigation services in the High North.

– Norwegian participation on Galileo provides opportunities for Norwegian industry. It enables the Norwegian government to influence the development of Galileo, thus ensuring that special Norwegian needs are considered, said State Secretary Pål Julius Skogholt.

Galileo is developed by the EU in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA). Norway has participated in this work both through the membership in ESA, and through participation in EU’s framework programme for research.

Galileo is now expanding, and will be organised as a EU programme. The Norwegian Parliament has decided that Norway will participate in the expansion of Galileo, and that Galileo will be incorporated into the EEA-agreement. The agreement that was signed on the 22nd of September comprises the parts of Galileo that are not affected by the EEA-agreement, such as security and export control.

– With this agreement, we are participating in Galileo on the same terms as the EU countries. We are a country with vast distances and a great deal of ocean, thus we have a lot to gain from being a part of developing the European satellite navigation system. At the same time, we have a lot to offer Europe, in terms of technology and infrastructure, said Skogholt.

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