Norway aligns itself with EU sanctions against Ukraine

Last updated: 21.02.2014 // The EU has agreed to impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials. “The situation in the country is extremely serious, and the death toll keeps rising. Norway has decided to align itself with the sanctions agreed on by a united EU,” Foreign Minister Børge Brende says.

At an extraordinary meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on 20 February 2014, EU foreign ministers agreed to impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials. Asset freezes and travel bans will be issued against targeted individuals directly responsible for the use of violence and excessive force.  The EU will also suspend export licences for any equipment that might be used for internal repression. The details of the sanctions are not yet available, but will be worked out as soon as possible. The scope of the sanctions will be assessed in the light of further developments. 

“It is important that Norway aligns its efforts with other like-minded countries on such matters so that the sanctions are as effective as possible. The EU has had meetings with both President Yanukovych and representatives for the opposition in Ukraine to seek a political solution to the crisis. Norway supports these efforts,” says Mr Brende.

The situation in the centre of Kiev has worsened during the past days, and the death toll is rising.

“Norway condemns the violence in the strongest possible terms. We would like to emphasise that the use of violence by any of the parties to the conflict is unacceptable. The authorities have a particular responsibility to protect the safety of all Ukrainians, in order to avoid further bloodshed,” Mr Brende says.  

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