Norway accepts EU organic farming regulations into the EEA Agreement

Norway withdraws the requests concerning adaptation texts.

In a letter to EU commissioner Phil Hogan, Norwegian minister of agriculture and food, Jon Georg Dale, notifies that Norway accepts the EU organic farming regulations without any adaptations.

“In the interest of moving the incorporation process forward, I would hereby like to inform you that Norway has decided to withdraw the requests concerning adaptation texts on the use of slatted floors in sheep housing and the labelling of origin of organic products”, writes Dale in a letter to Commissioner Hogan.

On 27 September, the Norwegian minister met with Hogan in Brussels to discuss the possibility for adaptions of the EU organic farming regulations into the EEA Agreement.

The lack of integration has caused problem for the export of organic labeled Norwegian salmon to European countries such as France and Germany.

The integration of the regulations into the EEA agreement also depends on Iceland’s acceptance.

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