Minister of EEA and EU affairs, Elisabeth Aspaker, holding her speech at the launch event. Photo: Simon Johannsson/EU-del.Minister of EEA and EU affairs, Elisabeth Aspaker, holding her speech at the launch event. Photo: Simon Johannsson/EU-del

New EEA and Norway Grants program period launched

Last updated: 27.05.2016 // “Our vision is to work together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe”, said Minister of EEA and EU affairs, Elisabeth Aspaker, at the launch of the third program period of the EEA and Norway Grants.

Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will contribute 2.8 billion euros to social and economic cohesion in Europe in the period 2014-2021. Norway’s share of the contribution is 97.7 per cent. Representatives from the three donor countries, the beneficiary countries and the EU were present at the launch event for the new program period at Norway House in Brussels on 25 May.

Watch Minister Elisabeth Aspaker’s speech at the launch here.

The Liechtensteinerin Foreign Minister, Aurelia Frick, and the Icelandic Director General, Unnur Orradóttir Ramette, also held speeches during the launch.


Earlier the same day the three EEA/EFTA countries participated at the European Economic Area Council, read the conclusions from the EEA Council here.

Funding period 2014-2021

This is the third program period of the EEA Grants. In the new period, the five areas identified for funding both supplement and complement the areas supported through the EU Cohesion fund.

“The EU is becoming less competitive in the global economy. This is threatening our welfare and our standard of living. In order to promote economic growth and increased competitiveness, we need to invest more in people – in knowledge, research and innovation”, said Elisabeth Aspaker.

The EEA and Norway grants are used to finance projects in 15 of the EU’s less developed countries. The Grants are allocated to sectors that are crucial for development in the beneficiary countries, and where there is potential for and interest in cooperation with Norway. There are a number of challenges in Europe that affect several countries or regions and that can only be tackled through cross-border efforts. Therefore, three special funds have also been established with this in view. Read more about the priority sectors and the programs in the new period of the Grants.      

Online consultations on priorities

Prior to the finalization of the priorities of the Grants, all stakeholders are invited to provide input and comments on the content of the draft ‘Blue Book’ in a broad and open consultation process. Contributions may be submitted online through a survey that is open until 8 July 2016.

Read more about the EEA and Norway Grants and the new funding period here.

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