New brochure about Norway’s relations with the EU

Last updated: 22/08/2011 // The brochure ”Norway and the EU – partners for Europe” is now available with updated facts and numbers. The brochure, which was first made in 2009, is made for foreign audience and explains Norway’s relations to the EU through our membership in the EEA and Schengen as well as other forms of cooperation.

Norway and the EU enjoy good and close relations, although Norway is not a member of the European Union. 

Norway’s culture and values are firmly rooted in the European tradition. Norway’s political history, geographical position and international trade, along with Europeans’ travel patterns, create innumerable bonds that link Norwegians to the EU member states and their people.

Norway’s close ties to the EU are also a result of political cooperation, primarily through the EEA and Schengen Agreements.

Did you know that

  • in 2010 Norway contributed € 230 million to the EU programme budget?
  • from 2009 to 2014, Norway is providing almost € 1.79 billion to efforts to reduce social and economic disparities within the EEA.
  • 24% of EU natural gas imports come from Norway.

 The brochure is made for a wide target group and can be useful for business, public authorities and the civil society.

The brochure can be downloaded here.



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