Minister of Finance at the Joint Ecofin EFTA Council

Last updated: 08.06.2009 // The Norwegian Minister of Finance, Kristin Halvorsen, will participate at an informal joint EU-EFTA Finance Ministers meeting in Brussels on 13 November. This year’s topic is climate and energy policy. She will also meet with Commissioners Almunia and Kovacs.

Ecofin ministers will meet their counterparts from the European Free Trade Association, EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) for their annual informal meeting. The focus this year will be on economic aspects of climate policy.

Without active policies, global energy use and greenhouse gas emissions will continue to grow strongly in the coming years. As much of the additional energy demand will be met by fossil fuels, supply of which is likely to be increasingly concentrated in geopolitically unstable regions, this also raises concerns about the security of energy supplies.

Meeting these challenges will have potentially significant economic implications. Market-based instruments – such as emission trading, and carbon or energy taxes – have a crucial role to play in delivering the goals of energy and climate policy in a rational and cost-effective way. This gives Finance and Economy Ministers a central role.

Kristin Halvorsen will meet with Commissioner Joaquín Almunia at noon, and Commissioner László Kovacz at 17:00 hrs.

At 14:00 hrs, the Minister of Finance will give a lecture for a broader, nordic audience, at Hotel Silken Berlaymont. The topic is the Norwegian Government Pension Fund – Global, and the Norwegian views on Sovereign Wealth Funds in general. 

More background on the Norwegian view on SWF and the Norwegian PFG.

More background on Sovereign Wealth Funds.


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