Controls at Internal Schengen Border Extended

Last updated: 13.05.2016 // The temporary border controls of persons arriving Norway by ferry will continue until June 11, 2016.

The temporary controls at the internal Schengen border is extended. This means that checks on persons at ferry arrivals from Denmark, Sweden and Germany to Norway will continue up to and including June 11, 2016. The border control is extended for reasons of public order and internal security.

– There are many unregistered migrants in the Schengen area who may wish to move to another country. Norway’s introduction of controls at the internal border has had a good preventive effect on possible arrivals, and there are no reports that the controls have caused inconvenience for ordinary travellers, said Norway’s Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anders Anundsen.

There is still pressure on the external Schengen border, and although several measures have been implemented, there are still deficiencies in external border control in Greece. On 12 May 12, the Council of the European Union adopted an implementing decision, setting out a recommendation allowing for the continuation of temporary internal border control in exceptional circumstances. Starting from the day of adoption, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Austria should maintain proportionate temporary border controls for a maximum period of six months.

The Norwegian government introduced temporary borders controls in November 2015, to prevent people without the required travel documents from entering the country. There is also intensified territorial control between Norway and cross-border areas.

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