Conference: Liquefied natural gas as fuel for vessels

Last updated: 09.10.2013 // To examine the potential for and experience from the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for maritime transport in Europe, the Mission of Norway to the EU and the Norwegian Embassy in Brussels together with DNV GL invite are organizing the conference «Green Shipping – LNG as fuel for vessels» in Brussels 6 November 2013.

The objective is simple; to share and learn from experiences so far, and address the challenges of the future of LNG as fuel for vessels. Key note speakers from the European Commission, the European Parliament, Belgium, Norway, maritime and energy related industry, and other stakeholders, will address the subject.

Breaking the oil dependence
«The EU’s Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system»  has set a goal of at least 40 percent cut in carbon emissions from shipping in order to contribute to a 60 percent cut in total transport emissions by 2050.

The European Commission’s proposal for a directive on deployment of an infrastructure for alternative fuels seeks to break the oil dependence of transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is done by accelerating the market uptake of alternative fuels and ships adapted to such use.

A promising shipping fuel alternative
International and EU rules also set limits to the sulfur content of marine fuels, whereas curbing NOX emissions continue to be a key environmental policy goal. LNG is a very promising shipping fuel alternative that can become pivotal in reaching this goal.

Norway is a major supplier of natural gas to Europe, and has for over a decade developed an LNG based infrastructure for short sea transport and has thus dealt with many of the challenges that arise when new technologies and alternative fuels are introduced.

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