Seafood exports of NOK 39 billion in 2008

Norwegian seafood exports in 2008 totalled NOK 39.1 billion, setting a new record for seafood exports for the 5th year in a row. This is an increase of NOK 2.3 billion compared to 2007, according to figures from Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC).

14/01/2009 :: Russia and France are the biggest markets for Norwegian seafood. Photo: Jean Gaumy

In terms of volume seafood exports in 2008 totalled NOK 2.3 million tonnes, an increase of 167,000 tonnes compared to 2007.

– In a year which has been strongly impacted by the economic crisis, it is pleasing to see that the demand for Norwegian seafood, with the exception of cod, has remained strong, comments managing director Terje E. Martinussen from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

– But while noting that seafood has fared well despite the world economic turbulence, we expect 2009 to be a challenging year for the Norwegian seafood industry. The development shows that access to good systems for credit and export guarantee facilities also is of importance for the Norwegian Seafood Industry.

Russia and France our biggest markets
Exports to Russia totalled NOK 4.05 billion, an increase of NOK 407 million compared to 2007. This positions Russia as our top market in 2008, marginally ahead of France at NOK 4.04 billion. Exports to France showed an increase of NOK 277 million compared to 2007.

Norwegian exports of seafood from aquaculture increased by NOK 1.2 billion to NOK 20.2 billion, of which Norwegian Salmon accounted for NOK 18 billion and Norwegian Fjord Trout NOK 1.9 billion. This marks export records for both Norwegian Salmon and Norwegian Fjord Trout.

Exports of seafood caught in the wild increased by NOK 1 billion to NOK 18.9 billion. Of this amount, herring and mackerel showed the biggest growth to NOK 3.8 billion and NOK 2.3 billion respectively. Norwegian Saithe set an export record of NOK 2 billion, an increase of NOK 253 million compared to 2007.

Growth outside the EU
Exports to the EU in 2008 totalled NOK 23.2 billion, slightly up on 2007. The EU’s share of Norway’s seafood exports in 2008 was 59%, compared to 63% in 2007. Eastern Europe and Africa are the areas that showed the biggest growth in 2008. Exports to our neighbours in Eastern Europe increased by NOK 718 million to NOK 6.2 billion, while exports to Africa doubled in value from NOK 586 million in 2007 to a total of NOK 1.2 billion in 2008.

Outside the EU, Nigeria and Japan are the markets with the biggest growth. Exports to Nigeria increased by 293 percent to NOK 700 million and exports to Japan increased by NOK 496 million to a total value of NOK 2.2 billion.

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