Salmon number 250 million heading for Paris

Norway exported seafood for 425 million euros in September, an increase of about 22 per cent from September 2007, and salmon number 250 million will soon arrive in Paris.

09/10/2008 :: The big increase in export value for September stems from an increase in prices for salmon, volume growth for cod and both price increase and volume growth for saithe, coalfish, pollock, herring, mackerel and rainbow trout. This means that Norway so far this year has exported seafood for over 3.2 billion euros. 

 Photo: Copyright Eksportutvalget for fisk / Norwegian Seafood Export Council

Seafood is a product that performs well in periods with economic downturn, and Norway is experiencing a great demand for Norwegian seafood in both well-established and new markets.

Salmon number 250.000.000
The Norwegian ambassador to France, Bjørn Skogmo, conducted the official inauguration of five Salmon Smart Cars on the 6th of October. This marks the start of a two week long French campaign to celebrate the arrival of salmon number 250.000.000 from Norway to France.

Photo: Copyright Eksportutvalget for fisk / Norwegian Seafood Export Council

The five cars will drive through Paris all week as part of an information campaign about Norwegian seafood. The official arrival of salmon number 250 million will take place Friday 17 October at 01.00 AM, when the trailer arrives in Paris’ fish marked.

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