The rule of law and sound resource management in the high north

– If we are to manage our common future as nations and peoples, we need to continually strengthen the rules that safeguard our rights and codify our responsibilities, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre said in his speech at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters’ 150th Anniversary Symposium.

25/01/2007 :: In his concluding remarks at the Symposium, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said:

“Today our primary challenges are related to climate change, lack of compliance with fisheries rules on the high seas and other threats to the marine ecosystems in the High North. It relates to the careful and responsible exploration of oil and gas in a new European energy province. – And it relates to the many possibilities, opportunities and challenges in the joint Norwegian-Russian cooperation in the High North.

In addressing all these challenges we must not lose sight of the importance of the rule of law for the sound and sustainable management of marine living resources.

And in every challenge we face – as a nation, as a member of our globalised world – we must never lose sight of the role each and every one of us can play.”

Read the whole speach here.


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