Gearing up for an emissions-free future

A new public enterprise will be set up to manage the Norwegian Government’s participation in the development of carbon capture and storage technology, The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy said in a statement Friday.

04/03/2007 ::

CLEANER ENERGY: The facility at Mongstad (pictured) will undertake experimental research into technologies for storing CO2 rather than letting it into the atmosphere. Photo: Statoil

The new entity will be responsible for state participation in research into and deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, shorthand for a range of technologies aimed at storing CO2 emissions from energy production or similar activities rather than releasing them into the atmosphere.

The Norwegian Government is committed to an ambitious strategy for carbon capture and storage technology. As a major producer of oil and gas, Norway is eager to see further development of petroleum projects without compromising her commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and thus combating climate change. 

An agreement between the Government of Norway and Statoil, the part state-owned oil company, accompanied by the necessary emission permits, provides the legal basis for the construction of a CSS facility at Mongstad in the Southwest of Norway. Technological research and development will comprise the core of the initial phase of the project.

“The Government is eager to assist in R&D; efforts to help ensure CSS technology becomes an economically viable solution suitable for large-scale deployment. In this effort, the Mongstad project plays a vital role,” Norwegian minister for petroleum and energy Odd Roger Enoksen said in a statement Friday.

With a public enterprise in place to oversee cooperation between the Norwegian Government and Statoil, the Mongstad project will enter a planning phase expected to last until the end of the year.

Read Mr Enoksen’s statement in full here.

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