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The Kavli Prize – three international awards for outstanding contribution to the fields of nanoscience, neuroscience and astrophysics will be awarded for the first time in 2008. It consists of, among other things, a cash award of USD 1 million.

06/12/2007 :: The Kavli Foundation has established these international awards to recognize seminal advances in scientific research. Each prize will consist of a scroll, a medal and a cash award of USD 1 million.

The Kavli Prize will be awarded by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in cooperation with the Kavli Foundation and the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research at a ceremony in Oslo every two years. The Norwegian Academy is responsible for the entire process leading up to the awarding ceremony.

The closing date for nominating candidates is 15 December. The first winners of the Kavli Prize will be announced on 29 May next year and the inaugural award ceremony will take place in Oslo 9 September.

The founder of the Kavli Foundation, Fred Kavli, is a Norwegian-born US citizen, educated as a physicist. He is an entrepreneur and business leader, innovator and philanthropist dedicated to supporting research and education that has long-term impact on the human condition.

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has appointed three prize committees consisting of leading international scientists, who will review and recommend the prize winners on basis of a nomination process. The three committees have five members each. Four of the fifteen committee members have been awarded the Nobel Prize. The committee members are recommended by scientific academies. The academies are the Royal Society (UK), the Max Planck Society (Germany), the National Academy of Sciences (US), the French Academy of Science, the Chinese Academy of Science and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

The three Kavli Prizes are putting Norway and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on the international research map. The Norwegian Academy is also responsible for awarding the Abel Prize, which many call the Nobel Prize of mathematics. In all, these awards contribute to a greater research in vital areas in modern science.

The Kavli Prize is established to recognize outstanding scientific research, honour highly creative scientists, promote public understanding of scientists and their work and foster international cooperation among scientists.

In addition to the Kavli Prize, the Kavli Foundation, based in  California, has made grants to establish Kavli Institutes on the campuses of different universities, fifteen so far – three in Europe, two in China and ten in the United States. The Foundation  has also endowed six professorships.


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The founder of the Kavli Foundation, Fred Kavli.