A platform for Arctic research

Svalbard as an international platform for Arctic research was presented to a Brussels-audience this week. Climate change has literally turned Arctic research into a hot issue.

05/12/2007 :: – Climate change has raised the awareness of the importance of research as a basis for policy making.  The polar regions function as indicators of climate change, and are therefore very important for climate related research in many fields, underlined State Secretary Jens Revold from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research in his opening address.

Revold and several other speakers at the conference also highlighted the unique opportunities Svalbard offers as an accessible part of the High Arctic with a well-developed research infrastructure.

The State Secretary revealed that Norway will present three proposals this week to the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI). One of these proposals – “Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System” – is to develop Svalbard as an international platform for monitoring the Arctic.

– We think that Svalbard will form a valuable addition to the European infrastructure and a venue for excellent research of global importance, said Mr. Revold.

Below you can find the power point presentations from the seminar at Residence Palace:

State Secretary Revold’s presentation

Robert-Jan Smits, director DG Research

Karin Refsnes, project director, Research Council of Norway

Gunnar Sand, director University Center in Svalbard

Roland Neuber, scientific co-ordinator Alfred Wegner Institute

Glowacki, Polish Station at Hornsund

Nighat Amin, International Polar Foundation

Kim Holmén, Research Director, Norwegian Polar Institute





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Research director Kim Holmén presented the Norwegian Polar Institute at the seminar in Brussels.Photo: Rune Bjåstad, Mission of Norway to the EU