Norway and the EU to further strengthen energy dialogue and cooperation

Commissioner Andris Piebalgs and Minister Thorhild Widvey agreed at their meeting in Oslo on 6 July to further strengthen the energy dialogue between Norway and the European Union and to continue to develop their energy relations and co-operation. The meeting confirmed the mutual interest in close and comprehensive consultations on key energy issues.

Commissioner Andris Piebalgs underlined the importance of Norway as a major supplier to the European Union, stating that Norway is not only an important energy supplier to the EU, but a partner in developing an energy policy for Europe to meet the new challenges facing us. He further stressed that Norweay and the EU have a common view on the need not only to develop new sources of oil and gas supplies, particularly in the Arctic region, but also to actively and positively address climate change in a way that provides concrete benefits for our citizens, and that this can be done notably through better technology such as carbon capture and storage and through energy efficiency, as well as by promoting renewable energy.

Minister Widvey confirmed that she shares the overall ambitions of the European Commission and the EU, and underlined that Norway co-operates with the EU through both programmes and directives. She further stated that she look forward to an open debate on the Green Book on Energy Efficiency.

She also mentioned the White Paper on Opportunities and Challenges in the northern Areas, which has been submitted by the Norwegian Government. Minister Widvey stated that the paramount aims for the north are to ensure political stability and to ensure sustainable development. The petroleum activities shall contribute to value creation for the nation and the region. This requires an acceptable coexistence with other users of the sea, like fisheries and marine transportation. She underlined that human activities must take full account of environmental concerns.

For further information, please see the press release from the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

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