Talks with UK EU Presidency and Commission on REACH

The Norwegian Minister of the Environment, Helen Bjørnøy, has discussed REACH with Lord Bach, member of the UK Government and political responsible for REACH, and with Vice-President Verheugen.

15/02/2006 :: Helen Bjørnøy called upon the EU to maintain strict requirements for testing of chemicals in the new legislation. She also requested stern rules regarding hazardous substances  most injurious to environment and health, in line with the European Parliament decision on 17 November.

The Minister also encouraged the European Council to maintain severe demands on the information on chemicals, demands which were weakened in the process in the European Parliament.

“Discharge of hazardous substances presents one of the world’s largest threats to the environment. That is why the new European legislation on chemicals needs to be an efficient tool to stop this”, Helen Bjørnøy states. She is hopeful that the European Council joins in with the European Parliament when it comes to stricter rules regarding the most dangerous substances.

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Minister of the Environment, Helen Bjørnøy, promotes Norwegian interest in the REACH legislation.Photo: Aftenposten.